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A couple of days ago I had a great conversation with JJ from Southern Demonology podcast. We started with the mystic origins of Kyoto, monkey temples, Abe no Seimei and moved to Himeji – the castle known as the home of Okiku – one of the most famous ghosts in Japan. Listen right here or wherever you usually get your…

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I was invited to Cornfries Podcast to talk about life in Japan as a foreigner, give some travel tips and play “true or false” about the country. Now we all just want to go to Rabbit Island. But the episode is out, so give it a listen. It was a fun yet pretty informative conversation.

You’ve probably already listened to Yokai Explained episodes of Japan Explained and wondering what do I have to add on the topic. What about personal experiences? This time I joined JJ from Southern Demonology Podcast to talk about yokai and spooky things that happened to us in Japan. It’s a perfect Halloween episode and I hope you enjoy it!

This time I was invited to The WRap It Up Podcast to speak about Japan Explained, how and why it started, my favourite topics and plans. I also told Brooks about my work as a tour guide in Japan and some places I’ve never got bored of visiting. So check it out! The WRap It Up Podcast is an interview-style,…

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Last month I had a great talk with Kyle Wood from Who ArtEd podcast. Now the episode is finally released and I’m inviting you to check it out to learn about contemporary Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. Kyle and I talked about Takashi’s connection to traditional Japanese art, manga and yokai. My voice is a bit shaky (I was nervous), but…

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