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About Toki

Hello and welcome to Japan Explained!
I’m Toki, and before starting this podcast I spent almost 8 years in Japan. Half of that time passed battling with misconceptions about this country.
But let me tell you how it all started.
I was just another person loving Japan. And then I decided to move here. One suitcase of stuff and a one-way plane ticket. My goal was to become a know-it-all tour guide in the country of my dreams.
So I studied everything as long as it was related to Japan, got my licenses and started to work as a tour guide. I was so so happy!

Four years forward, in 2020 Japan closed its doors to tourists. So I finally went to see sakura on my own. Which was pretty cool, to be honest.
But when that was done, I soon realised how much I missed my job. Especially the part where I tell people about all the cool little things that make up Japanese culture.
So I started a podcast!

Feel free to join me to learn about Real Japanese Culture, about its history, crafts, architecture, people and everything else like… convenience stores, regional differences or obsession with everything seasonal.

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