Hello and welcome to Japan Explained!
I’m Toki, and for more than 7 years I live in Japan battling with misconceptions about this country.

But let me tell you how it all started.

I was just another person loving Japan. And then I decided to move here. One suitcase of stuff and a one-way plane ticket. My goal was to become a know-it-all tour guide in the country of my dreams.
So I studied everything as long as it was related to Japan, got my licenses and started to work as a tour guide. I was so so so happy! And I still am.
What I’m not happy about is the amount of misinformation surrounding Japanese culture. And while one tourist at a time is a good pace, I have bigger ambitions.
So I started this podcast to tell the world about Real Japanese Culture, about its history, crafts, architecture, people and everything else like… convenience stores, regional differences or obsession with everything seasonal. And also to help all Japan lovers to understand this country a bit better and to allow travellers to discover hidden gems travel websites don’t tell you about.

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